Have you lost most or all of your natural teeth? Do you have difficulty eating or speaking? We are pleased to provide high-quality dentures in [city], [state], to remedy these problems.

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and can help restore your smile. When you lose all of your teeth, your facial muscles tend to sag, making you look older. Dentures fill out the appearance of your face. They also help you to eat and speak normally.

Conventional dentures are made and placed after your remaining teeth have been removed and your gums have healed. The healing process may take several months. On the other hand, immediate dentures are inserted on the same day that your remaining teeth were removed. The measurements for the dentures are made on an earlier visit. Because of this, you do not have to be without teeth while your gums heal, but the dentures may need to be realigned after your jaw has healed. Overdentures are used if some of your teeth can be saved. These remaining teeth provide stability and support for the denture. Partial dentures, which replace some but not all of your teeth, are attached to your remaining teeth using clasps or precision attachments.

To make your dentures, our dentist will make a series of impressions of your jaw and take measurements of how much space is between them and how they relate to each other. Then Dr. [doctor_name] will create models in the exact shape and position of your future dentures. You will try these models on so any adjustments can be made. Then a final denture is cast.

Call our office today to set up a consultation and see which type of dentures is right for you!